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Jennifer “drJ” Thibeaux is an American author, speaker, entrepreneur and performance consultant. She has worked with top Fortune 100 companies, key influencers, and industry leaders throughout her career. 



Jennifer “drJ” Thibeaux is an American author, speaker, entrepreneur and performance consultant. She has worked with top Fortune 100 companies, key influencers, and industry leaders throughout her career.  Always concerned with "people knowing better so that they can do better", drJ has remained true to her core values of “knowledge leading outcomes”. Through the years drJ has been famously known for her social activist work regarding equity in race, minority business resources, and championing youth outcomes in education. Additionally, drJ has written and published hundreds of works – books, articles, motivation products, psychometric analyses, and video/broadcast shows. drJ proudly supports her Alma Mater, Texas A&M University as a Century Club Endowed Donor. Aligning her business objectives in 2020 for The Thibeaux Company, drJ is applying motivation and psychometrics to some of the world’s most pressing issues for the purpose of sparking positive change in individuals, society and business. The motto this year is #ShockTheWorld. 



Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux is an American author, speaker, entrepreneur and performance consultant. She has worked with top Fortune 100 companies, key influencers, and industry leaders in her career. Jennifer Thibeaux is one of the co-authors (along with Stephen Covey, Dr. Tony Alessandra, and Patricia Fripp) of Success Simplified as well as a highly-sought-after leadership speaker, seminar leader, and performance coach and consultant.


In 2007 Jennifer was presented with an opportunity to die when the airplane she was in experienced significant engine failure. Literally falling out of the clouds, and amid the screams of terror from passengers, Jennifer looked straight ahead and exclaimed quietly “it’s over.” She wasn’t scared of dying and realized that she was facing the moment where she was summing up her life and it was a proud moment. Luckily the plane was able to regain control, and from that moment on Jennifer was fully committed to showing people how to live a fearless life. She is often quoted as saying, “it’s the only way to live and die!”


Her clients have included American Airlines, AIG, ConAgra Foods, Inc., Mary Kay, Inc., The Staubach Company, Chevron and thousands of business executives and entrepreneurs in speeches and seminars across the country. Her life-changing speeches and events have been sponsored by Accenture, American Airlines, Deloitte Consulting and a variety of large law firms to name a few.


Jennifer’s books, newsletters, products and appearances now inspire thousands of people a month.

Jennifer’s message — We live in a “Throw Away Society” People throwaway thoughts like they throw away paper plates – people are not taking the time to learn from themselves. We must begin to unbundle our experiences. Those words, that notion of self reflection and commitment to self has not only changed lives, it is saving a few headed toward destructive paths.


Highlights from Jennifer’s extraordinary career include:


  1. Co-authored a book with renowned authors and speakers Stephen Covey, Dr. Tony Alessandra, and Patricia Fripp entitled, Success Simplified in which Jennifer shares the formula for success – “Lessons from a Sports Mind”

  2. Organized the largest public forum and media-focused effort to resolve injustices occurring on her college campus. The outcome changed the scope of student organizations and control measures.

  3. Transformed the MEDALS organization in partnership with Southwestern Bell to bring over 800 minority students to a college campus for a two-day intensive seminar and scholarship program promoting the participation in higher education. Admission rates for that group of students raised 35% over prior years’ programs.

  4. Co-developed and produced a documentary in  2010 that focused on Professional Athlete career transition from sports to sports broadcasting.

  5. Built and branded a revolutionary leadership development mass coaching curriculum in partnership with Robert Johnson, Esq. that has touched the lives of hundreds of people through live events, virtual programs, and related leadership products.

  6. Is a pioneer in the virtual classroom space having logged over 10,000 hours of inspiring and just-in-time content to audiences logging in all over the world to hear her speak through webinar formats for the past 10 years.

  7. Creating Transformational Leadership Online, the first comprehensive training seminar accessible online which inspires, coaches, and reveals the secrets to transformational growth in a 52-week format.



All this by her mid 30s! Her energy and desire to help others succeed first has served as a boomerang effect for her own success. She lives by her words and is the epitome of a servant leader.


Recognizing that her own life needed to transition based on the needs of her family, Jennifer made a huge shift in business, retiring from Consulting in 2012 and focusing on the needs of her daughter – Liz Smith. During that time Jennifer launched a successful embellished apparel business that gave her the flexibility to “be there for Liz”. Still speaking to large groups today she’s often heard remarking, “If you can’t pour your best self into helping your own family, then what are you still here for?” In 2014, while supporting her daughter, a rising talent in basketball, Jennifer home schooled her daughter to allow a segmented approach to learning and development in the classroom and on the basketball court. Liz went on to attend IMG Academy in Bradenton, FL as a student athlete grades 9-12.


After winning many accolades during her high school career including McDonald's All American nominee and MVP, LIz's hard work paid off for the next level. Liz, after considering many NCAA Division I full scholarship offers, signed with the University of the Pacific (Stockton, CA) in the West Coast Conference (WCC) to play basketball while majoring in Communications. Jennifer uses her parenting experiences as a living example of what can happen when the parental support system is committed and focused - all sides win together.

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