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Mastering Change with Cooperation

The Usefulness Of Having A Support Group For Change

It is said that “no man is an island.” This saying is true because man is by nature a social being, and as a social being, whether a person likes it or not, one has to relate with other people in his surroundings. In the same way, if one is to undertake a radical change which has great implications on one’s present life,one needs the support of other people to ease out the risks concomitant with change. The Alcoholics who joined the AA are able to bring in substantial changes into their lives because they got the support of people who want to kick off the bad habit of alcoholism. It is indeed necessary and good to know that your struggle to change is not an isolated case. There are other people who also want to change and their encouragement can play a pivotal role in your successful transformation. Moreover, if your significant other is there to assist you in your desire to transform yourself, you will be inspired to overcome any hurdle along the way towards a meaningful change. The presence and the enthusiasm of people around you can rub off on you, giving you the extra kick to achieve change.

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