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Mastering Change With Competence

Make Use of Visualization To Achieve The Change You Want To Manifest

“Imagination is everything,” according to Albert Einstein—one of the greatest minds that ever graced the earth surface. Einstein had a valid point. We can never really understand the full power of imagination. In some of my readings, I have read some data about how to effectively manifest something in our life, and my readings tell something about the power of visualization. Einstein thought of his greatest theory of E=mc2 using his imagination. Likewise, using his imagination, he was able to prove in his mind that light can bend if it passes gravity. Using imagination, one can redefine reality. In the book, Being Happy, by Andrew Matthews, he said that if we can set our mental waves to higher oscillation, we can definitely influence the physical world. We haven’t discovered yet the full power of our mind, yet many people have vouched to the fact that if we can visualize a certain happening beforehand, we are on our way to manifesting that event in reality. If we want to effectively achieve a certain change in our life, we must visualize it first in our mind every day. Let me give you an example: It is not unusual to see great golf players visualize the trajectory of the golf ball. Prior to hitting the ball, they would usually visualize the ball being hit by their cub, flung high into the air and hitting the desirable point in the green. They do this visualization because they believe in its power. Visualization allows a person to perfect something in his or her mind before it happens in reality. Hence, if you want to develop a certain competence on a job, it would be good to visualize yourself doing and perfecting that competence in your mind beforehand.

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