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Mastering Change with Communication

The Environment Is A Factor In Your Successful Change

The birds can’t fly without the air. Likewise, the ships can’t float without the waters underneath them. In the same way, even before we become conscious of the world around us, we were already born to a world not-of-our-own making. In Philosophy, we call this “facticities” of the world . We are born to a family not-of- our-own choosing. We grew in the neighborhood not-of-our-own wanting. Yet, we got to stay in that facticity until we are capable of fending for ourselves on our own and until we sever our umbilical cords, and find a job to make us financially independent. So to make us succeed, we got to survey the environment in which we live. We got to embrace reality as it is and work to change and grow in that given reality.

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