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California Child Support and High Net Worth Parents pt 1

In 2014, A-list Hollywood actress Halle Berry was ordered to pay $16,000 in monthly child support obligation to her daughter’s father (Gabriel Aubry). Aubry was a model who claimed his work diminished almost completely once he and Berry ceased being a couple. Berry was the high-net-worth party in the relationship. Berry was ordered by a California Superior Court to pay 100% of the educational costs for her daughter. Since this was their first child support determination in the California court system, Berry was also ordered to pay retroactive child support based on the calculation in the amount of $115,000 and pay the court fees of her child’s father amounting to $330,000. The two parents equally shared time and health insurance costs. This arrangement was ordered until the child turned 19 years old or graduated from high school – whichever came first. Berry’s child support obligation has been modified and substantially lowered since the original order, but the calculation has been far from formulaic.


Child support is not directly governed by community property laws, however the principles of community property can indirectly influence child support matters. Courts may consider factors such as pre-separation income, assets, standard of living, non-monetary contributions, imputed income, tax implications, and enforcement mechanisms when determining child support in cases where community property is involved.

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