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Beating the Bully

At The Thibeaux Company, one of our main jobs is content creation. We deliver learning content on an ongoing basis to our Learning Centers, private clients, and divisions. Through our own work in the area of Bullying (both child and adult), we've conducted research, published physical and online content, developed and delivered learning curriculum. Educating our audience (existing and new) on the topic is a priority for us.

Written and Narrated by Jennifer "drJ" Thibeaux

Creative Art & Media Production: Thibeaux Publishing

There is no better time like the present to address a Bullying situation. You can cower in fear or reclaim your power. It is your choice.

EXCERPT: "Remember, healthy people don't bully. Bullies attack their victims because of a strength the victim has that the bully is trying to diminish or destroy. You walked into the situation already more powerful... "

Explore the realities of bullying and how to BEAT. THE. BULLY.

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