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Abolish Anger (eBook)

We love writing and we do it daily at theDrJblog as well as through Thibeaux Publishing. One of our "favorite things" (yes more than Oprah can have this), is to make eBooks available through our Learning Centers. Today is Friday and you may be facing a little "free time" on your hands. We are taking the pages out of our Learning Centers on this topic to make them available here.

A Few Words About Anger

There's a tremendous price to pay when you harbor and feed anger - physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially. For years we have tackled this emotion with our clients and readership because this is the thing that prevents the next best areas in your life from happening. Our founder Jennifer Thibeaux said it best:

You can be mad at everyone. You can fight everyone. But what is left of you is the thing you should be worried about.

Not all fights are good fights or the right fight. There's something to be said about picking your fight. Not everything deserves your commentary, input, or attention. When we look up in the sky we see the sun and moon don't need us to advance the day which means whether we step into a fight or not, the days and nights continue forward.

If you're looking for a quick micro eBook on this topic, you've found your eBook. We've published it on our home website and you can download it for free (because it's FriYAY)!



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